LegendFit Your Way To A Better Quality Of Life

LegendFit Your Way To A Better Quality Of Life


Whether you are looking to get your youth back or just trying to pick up your groceries and play with your grandchildren, you will probably agree that fitness plays an important part in this. But where do you start? Big gyms can be intimidating and personal trainers expensive and many times ineffective.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, professor of medicine said it best, “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.” Ultimately, you cannot stop aging but you can learn to reverse its symptoms. Strength, endurance, and quality of life are all things you can control.

While getting older may mean you are not as spry as you were in your thirties, but with some sweat equity you can turn back the hands of time. How? With a program, we at BVCF (Beltsville CrossFit) call LegendFit. LegendFit is CrossFit specifically designed with the 50+ community in mind. “At our facility, our physical therapists offer daily exercise to promote flexibility and alleviate joint pain,” said Mark Hymas, executive director for Copper Ridge Healthcare. But these days, many seniors are turning to CrossFit to enhance their quality of life in a safe and professional environment, while making friends, and improve their overall health and fitness.

What could BVCF’s LegendFit offer you as a member of the 50+ community? Consider the following:

A Checked Off To Do List

For seniors, LegendFit is mainly focused on a healthy body, mind, and heart. But it also improves completion of everyday tasks as well. Take for example something like having the energy to go out to the home improvement store. This is something many younger people take for granted, but not our senior community. And our LegendFit training programming can give you this capability, as well as energy to spare in getting other task done within a given day. The reasoning is that, as members devote themselves to getting healthier and more fit, actions like walking up stairs and getting out of bed, and even carrying their grocery bags into their home get easier. This includes remarkable increases flexibility and mobility alike. These small improvements can make a big difference in your everyday quality of life and make that “To Do List” a lot easier to finish.

Mental Health

With LegendFit, the mental health benefits of our fitness program go beyond just being able to run or looking better in the mirror.  Working out releases endorphins which can make you feel more positive and clearer about your goals for the day. Think of it like this way, knowing you completed a workout or got to the next round of reps, or beat your PR (Personal Record) will give you the can-do attitude you need to tackle the day. Hence gaining strength gives your mind and body the freedom it needs to enjoy other hobbies and activities that make you happy, promoting a healthy mental state.

Social Fitness

Another asset to LegendFit is the sense of the community that comes when you join. Within less than an hour, you can form bonds that last way beyond the workout. This is because the LegendFit community faces a challenge together each time they work out. There’s nothing like seeing a fellow member get through a workout, only to turn around and cheer you on to complete your last round. As coach William McCoy says, “every day you’re a winner CrossFitting. Sometimes you’re the one cheering and sometimes you’re the one being cheered on. But you will always win a friend and form a closer bond.” Something special happens when a group of friends towards a common goal. The synergy motivates each individual in the group to do their best and work harder. In turn, increasing the fitness level of the group as a whole.


One of the best features of LegendFit is that it can be scaled to any fitness level. At BVCF, our staff are trained to develop members’ skills from the ground up. If you are patient with your body, you can develop practical techniques that will help you perform everyday tasks more efficiently and with greater ease.

Why not give LegendFit a try it a try for free at Beltsville CrossFit? You can start with a 1-week free trial by using the link below.



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